Welcome to Army Orienteering


The official side of Army Orienteering is run by the Army Orienteering Association (AOA) with the aim being to promote Orienteering as Military Training to the Army Community.

This section, whilst contained within the British Army Orienteering Club website, is given over to the AOA.


For information of all event officials and any civilian participants, please follow link for the AOA Insurance Schedule for 2016.

The attached document highlights the selection process for the Army Team.  Any questions should be directed to the Team Captains.

AOA Contacts

This list of AOA contacts consists of the AOA Secretary, the Secretaries of each of the Leagues which the club runs and the orienteering contacts for each of the Corps. Please use the 'Send Message' link to send a message to each of these contacts.

AOA Coaching Officer Phill Batts Send a message
AOA Secretary Maj Bernie Fowler Send a message 94329 4115
AOA Technical Advisor Maj(Retd) Allan Farrington Send a message 07747 446600
Mapping Officer Maj(Retd) Colin Dickson Send a message
Webmaster Tim Booth Send a message
ML Centre Secretary Maj Andy Johnson Send a message 94 764 2007
ML Cyprus Secretary Post Vacant
ML Germany Secretary WO2 Ian Page Send a message 94879 3262
ML North Secretary Capt Tony Ryder Send a message 94731 8214 / 01325 375014
ML Northern Ireland Secretary WO2 Mac Philpott Send a message 9491 43407
ML Scotland Secretary Maj Dave Godfrey Send a message 94740 2779 / 0131 310 2779
ML South Results Secretary WO1 Ciemon Dunville Send a message 94391 7493
ML South Secretary SSgt Jamie Ranson Send a message 94344 5531
ML South Treasurer WO1 John Leddy Send a message
AAC Secretary Maj Bernie Fowler Send a message 94329 4115
AGC Secretary Capt Brett Green Send a message 94661 2278
AMS Secretary WO1 Martin Jackson Send a message 94229 5306
INF Secretary Maj Ed Willcox Send a message 94 393 6435
R SIGNALS Secretary Maj Sally Calland Send a message 95551 7701
RA Secretary Capt David Taylor Send a message (9)4344 5525
RAPTC Secretary SSgt Mark Beverley Send a message 94451 2442
RE Secretary Capt Roy Mitton Send a message 95771 7251
REME Secretary Capt Rob Ashton Send a message 94342 2716
RLC Secretary Capt Gary Power Send a message 94222 5229