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Our Next Few Events

Wed 23rd Jan   MLS   Hankley Common
Wed 30th Jan   MLN   Cong Burn   Pre entry is required for all MLN events
Wed 30th Jan   MLS   Greenham Common, Newbury   Newly updated map & new indoor cafe for registration & Download. Dogs welcome in cafe. Hard standing parking adjacent.Great area for bikes.
Wed 6th Feb   MLS   Barossa


Some highlights of 2018, which AOA has used to brief the Chain of Command recently.

  • At the recent 2018 Army Sports Awards at RMA Sandhurst Major (Retired) Colin Dickson was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unmatched contribution to Army Orienteering.  Colin was nominated in recognition of both his personal achievements (many years in the Army team and British Age Class Orienteering Champion seven times) and his enduring commitment to the sustained development of orienteering within the Army.  Despite retirement from the Service he continues to deliver significant organisational and planning support for military orienteering.
  • All Arms and...

Congratulations to all members of the Army Team on the convincing victory over the RAF and Navy this weekend.

The Army Mens combined time (6 runners) of 5hrs 54mins 42secs was nearly 1hr 20mins faster than second placed team, the RAF.

The Army Womens combined time (4 runners) of 3hrs 31mins 23secs was more than 2hrs 11mins faster than second placed team, the RAF.

Individual winners were Maj Rob Ashton REME and Capt Kezia Jukes RE.

Results can be found on the Southampton Orienteering Website