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Wed 1st Jun   MLS Summer Series   Area TBC
Wed 1st Jun   MLN   Ripon City Centre
Wed 1st Jun   MLC   RAFC Cranwell
Mon 6th Jun   Basic Skills Course   Longmoor Camp

Take Note

The Events list has been updated with all the fixture dates of both the MLS Summer Series and new MLS League season up to end of 2016.  There are 11 Summer Series dates and 11 League dates to fill (plus one pre-Christmas break Training event date).  The Summer Series is the perfect time for new planners to test their new found skills or for seasoned planners to try something different, such...


The following areas are Out of Bounds to Orienteering until after the dates delow, this is due to major events.

Long Valley North - SN Trophy 11 Dec 2016

Hawley - Concorde Chase 29 Jan 2017

POC Colin Dickson -

The MLS Prize Giving was held on Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Old Common and Crabtree Plantation on Wed 25 May 16, with Champion status going to Army HQ (retaining League Major Units), Upavon Stn (League Minor Units) and BAOC (retaining the League Guest Team).  SSgt Jamie Ranson (Upavon Stn) was the League Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) retained League Ladies Champion.  Also...



Ths Basic Skill course in June is now full.

The next one is 12-15 Sep, booked via the ASPT; lnik to Susan's email address on events page. Planners and Intermediate Skills also on that week.

Follow link for a good number of photos, kindly taken by Andy Johnson, from Day 2 (the Relay) of the Army Inter-Unit Team Championships