Next Few Events

Wed 2nd Dec   MLC   Hartlebury Common, Worcs
Wed 2nd Dec   MLN   Eycott Hill
Fri 1st Jan   SARUM New Year's Day Event   Copehill Down
Sun 28th Feb   Army Individual Orienteering Championships   Sherwood Forest

Take Note

Applicants are urgently sought for the following part time post and it is paid work.  Open to anyone ex-Mil or civilian that thinks they can do the job.

INTER-SERVICES ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 - See attached flier and admin order details letter.

The MLS Events forecast is filling up, however, we still have 4 events that we require Organising Units/Planners/Controllers for, namely: Training event on 6 Jan 16, the Individual Champs on 20 Apr 16 and two League events on 4 and 11 May 16.  Please contact WO1 Stu Greening on either 94344 8098 or 01980 618098, or email the...


Please Note there is no MLS event this Wed 2 Dec, no unit has come forward and it is unlikely there will be one on 9 Dec, although EMIT trying to get permission for Farley Mount, there might be a trg event on Fleming Park, Eastleigh & surrounding urban area on 16 Dec TBC.  If you need your Wed fix then only option is a 2hr drive up to Stourport for the MLC event, but let him know if you...



The Authoratative Orienteering DIN has been updated for the 2015-16 season - please read under Documents for further information.