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Next Few Events

Wed 7th Dec   MLS   Barossa (POSTPONED UNTIL 2017)
Wed 7th Dec   MLN   Warcop, Brakenbar   Pre Entry Required to Tony by text or email as on flyer
Mon 23rd Jan   Advance Skills 23-26 Jan 2017   Longmoor Camp Advance   Only 6 places left as 24 Nov 16


This item replaces the information under "Club Details" until I can amend that page!

BAOC, and British Orienteering, membership can be renewed, or started, for 2017 from 1 November 2016. The easiest way to do this is to register through British Orienteering (BO) at , which will take on-line, credit/debit card, cheque or Direct Debit payments.

The BO Membership Fee for 2017 is £10 senior (any member aged 21 or older on 31 Dec 17), £3 junior.

BAOC Membership Fee for 2017 is £5 senior, free for juniors.

There is no separate fee to be part of the South...