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Next Few Events

Wed 28th Jan   MLS   Bordon Heath   Need help with control collecting
Wed 28th Jan   MLN   Otterburn Training Area
Wed 28th Jan   BFG   Javelin Barracks, Elmpt Station
Wed 4th Feb   MLS   Bulford Ridge and Bulford Camp
Wed 4th Feb   MLN   Catterick
Wed 11th Feb   MLS   Everleigh - MLS Team Harris Championships   Go to event on the Events Tab for Event and Entry Instruction (Event flier now available)

All civilian runners should be aware that Military League events will no longer appear on the BOF website as they are no longer registered with BOF.  This is because BOF requires all events to be controlled by a BOF qualified individual and it is often the case that Military League events are not, the Army Orienteering Association (AOA) have therefore made alternative arrangements for event...



The Police Service UK Orienteering Championships are taking place on Sun 22 Mar 15 at Bentley Woods, Warks.  The Army has been invited to enter a Development Team. 

Interested individuals and/or Corps Secretaries are requested to provide nominations for inclusion in the teams (male and female).  Individuals should not have previously run for the full Army Orienteering Team.  In selection, emphasis will be placed on developing the experience of talented younger individuals on a challenging area with the longer term aim of increasing the strength in depth of the full Army Orienteering Team.  

Nominations,  by Fri 13 Feb 15, should be sent to...