Next Few Events

Wed 7th Oct   MLS   QECP   EMIT are putting on a Blue, L/Green, L/Orange & Score as an MLS Trg event.
Wed 7th Oct   MLN   Stewart Park and the Ormesby Estate   Flyer updated. The permissions for the event are all in place.
Wed 14th Oct   MLS   Hawley incl Infantry and RAPTC Champs
Wed 21st Oct   MLS   Minley (AGC and RLC Champs)
Wed 21st Oct   MLC   Watermead Country Park, (NE of Leicester)   Civ TOPL cleared event
Thu 29th Oct   Hankley Common - RA & REME Champs

Take Note

INTER-SERVICES ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015                                                                                                                                                                      Army personnel looking to be selected must read the selection policy document.   I am pleased to confirm that the RN have the lead for organising this year...



2015 Inter Corps Competition - Instructions

This year's Inter Corps competition is being organised and run by the RLC on behalf of the AOA.  The event will take place over the weekend of 21/22 Nov with the night event alongside the Southern Nights.  In a change to recent years this competition is now open to Reserve and UOTC units.  Full details are in the attached instructions.

Looking for something to enhance your annual appraisal report?  Look no further; the MLS are after keen and willing military organisers and organising units to put on events for MLS League Season (see Events tab for available dates).   Willing to organise an event, but need a Planner and/or Controller?   Interested?  Want more information?  Contact WO1 Stu Greening, email the MLS Orienteering Secretary or give me a call on 94344 8098.